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Grids (32 paths)

Diptych, 2 reactive dye prints on silk, 1/3. Each 18" x 27". 2022.

These pieces reflect ideas found in Jewish Mysticism. The images are split on a vertical, which reflects the shape of a gate opening or closing. In Kabbalah the combination of the 10 sefirot (channels of divine) and the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet creats the "32 Gates of Wisdom." These gates represent different ways that divine energy flows into the universe. The metaphor of the gate speaks to the passage between the physical and the metaphysical, as well as the interplay between the two.

IMG_1695 copy 2.jpg

Shaarim (Gates II)

Diptych (1/5), two inkjet prints on chiffon, each 10.5" x 28." 2022.

IMG_1552 copy.jpg

Shaarim (gates I)

Diptych (1/5), two inkjet prints on chiffon, each 8" x 20." 2022.

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