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Touch Stone

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We use stone for its permanence and durable touch. In time, a stone can take on spiritual or even mythical significance. We make it into vessels of history, legend, and belief. Our stone monuments and memorials endure while our societies crumble. In this project, stone is a point of departure to explore touch, manipulation, and mimicry. Which emotional messages are embedded into the foundations of our cities and landscapes, and how can we excavate them through touch?

Specifically, I'm interested in Jerusalem Stone as material and symbol of Jewish identity in architecture. Through this, I explore how this stone can make visible a range of interwoven histories across regions. As a material, it connects ancient architecture to suburban sprawl. It can be a container for both trauma inflicted and trauma received, and it becomes a prism through which we project a sense of identity.


Stereotome (spine)

Ceramic tequila bottle, ab roller parts, limestone spray paint. 2021.

07_stereotomes copy.jpg

Stereotome (sideswiped)

Styrofoam packaging, side mirror cover, limestone spray paint. 2021.


Stereotome (trayf)

Plastic car fragment, oyster shell, limestone spray paint. 2020.


Tsimtsum (family tree)

Old yoga mat, limestone spray paint, Hebrew initials of ancestors murdered in Poland in 1942. 2021.

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